Hook and Line Kit

The lightweight and compact Hook and Line Kit gives EOD operators the tools necessary for dismounted IED render-safe procedures.  The nylon kit weighs 450 gms and is small enough to fit into a cargo pocket, backpack or strap to a vest with the MOLLE straps. The 3.2 m telescoping pole weighs only 1 kg and is made of carbon fibre. The pole is also housed in a nylon case that can easily be strapped to a backpack via MOLLE.  Originally designed by Air Force EOD, this kit is ideal for all EOD operators, Bomb Technicians and Special Operations teams. This kit compliments the 2nd Line EOD kit and can easily be added to the larger 2nd line pack.

Hook and Line Kit Features:

  • Ideal for dismounted render-safe procedures
  • Provides stand off distance while manipulating suspect object
  • Assortment of hooks for any scenario
  • 3.2 m carbon fibre pole
  • Entire kit weighs 2.4 kg
  • Compliments 2nd Line EOD kit

In This Kit:

ONE: 3.2 m Carbon Fibre Pole, 5 section, w/integrated 0/90 coupler
ONE: Hook – 1.2 cm
ONE: Hook – 2.5 cm
TWO: Hook – 5 cm
ONE: Hook – 5 cm w/ Spring Gate
ONE: Hook – 2.5 cm Double
ONE: Hook – “S”
ONE: Hook – 1.9 cm Gap
ONE: Hook – ‘Wicked Cool” Trigger Hook
ONE: Hook – 14 cm Sickle
ONE: Hook – Treble w/ Ring
ONE: Line – Dyneema, 272 kg Avg. Break, 91.4  m
ONE: Line Winder – Large
ONE: Line Puller – Light Weight
ONE: Carabiner – w/ roller
ONE: Nylon Pouch – to house hooks and line

Download Datasheet