TM600 Telescopic Manipulator

The TM600 Telescopic Manipulator provides an improved ability for EOD/IEDD Technicians to maximise their standoff distance when working in close proximity to a suspect package or explosive device. The TM600 is the latest generation of remote manipulator combining the advantages of its predecessors with several advancements. These include a detachable wheel fulcrum to provide mechanical leverage to the operator; lighter and stronger materials; and, more compact storage.


The TM600 combines the TM500’s telescoping pole and interchangeable claw tips, with the Hotstic’s rotating claw, self-balancing motors and compact storage case. Other features and advancements include:

  • Detachable fulcrum point with pneumatic wheels
  • Ability to positively secure claw, parallel to the ground
  • Ability to securely hold various disruptors
  • Uses either rechargeable or disposable “D” cell batteries
    (12 VDC)
  • Assembles quickly and easily

Download Datasheet