Bombproof Litterbin DynaKEEPR L4

The bombproof litterbin DynaKEEPR L4 is a product with an attractive design made to withstand detonations and provides protection against high-speed fragments and blast waves in horizontal direction.

For everyday use in airports, railway and underground stations, sports arenas, or any other public areas, the DynaKEEPER L-series includes a specially designed and manufactured bomb proof litter bin which will withstand detonations and prevent high-speed fragments and blast injuring surrounding persons in the event of a detonation from inside the litter bin.

The Bombproof Litterbin DynaKEEPR L4 has a duel casing and can be used with or without the inner bomb suppression chamber, depending on the security level needed. This litterbin has a high suppression capacity which is thoroughly verified, in computer simulations and in dynamic explosive tests. The design makes the emptying of litter easy. The System will be used and experienced as an ordinary litter bin by people passing through. 

The effectiveness of the Bombproof Litterbin DynaKEEPR L4 has been observed in both field tests and computer simulations and has dramatically demonstrated the improved safety and protection to the public in comparison to the conventional litter bin