CORE Under Door Camera

Gain covert visual inspection into rooms behind closed doors with the CORE Under Door Camera. Wireless and digitally encrypted video is captured by a colour CMOS sensor and provides excellent low-light sensitivity. The CORE Under Door insertion panel is 20 cm long and 0.6 cm thick. Easily slide this Under Door Camera underneath a door with the CORE Grip or attach to the POLE Grip for extended reach.

The CORE Under Door Camera is available in a 2-camera or 4-camera configuration. The dual camera provides forward and upward camera views, while the quad camera provides forward, upward, left and right camera views.  Video is streamed wirelessly to the CORE Monitor over an AES encrypted channel.  An optional hardwire cable  connetion is available for RF-restricted environments.  When attached to the CORE Grip, a 1.0in eyepiece displays video without requiring a separate monitor.  High-intensity IR illumination can be activated and dimmed either directly on the camera, or remotely via the CORE Monitor.


  • 0.26in insertion panel thickness
  • Adjustable high-intensity IR LED Illumination
  • Available in a 2-camera or 4-camera configuration
  • Lightweight high density graphite pole (POLE Grip)
  • Color Eyepiece with 1.0in AMOLED Display (CORE Grip)
  • Wireless Video Transmission – 5 GHz
  • WPA2-PSK Authentication and AES Encryption
  •  Graphical LCD for status information
  •  Hardwire video option for RF-restricted environments
  •  Backlit push buttons
  • MicroSD card video recording (32GB)

Download Datasheet