Pathfinder Expendable Unattended Ground Sensors

Pathfinder Expendable Unattended Ground Sensors, developed and manufactured by ARA, are low-cost “consumable” seismic sensors that are quickly emplaced in dead spots, on a perimeter, at frequent IED sites or on “goat trails”. These concealable unattended grounds sensors deliver detection of footsteps or vehicular traffic to a control station located many miles away.

This military grade Pathfinder, which deliver intrusion alerts over long distances are available for commercial and border security applications. Since 2010, more than 40,000 Pathfinder sensors have been delivered to the US Army and are in use by U.S. forces around the world. It is the low-cost consumable unattended ground sensor on the battlefield today, and it has received outstanding user reviews.

Pathfinder is now a second generation technology that offers up to six months of uninterrupted operation, duration nearly double that of the originally fielded Pathfinder model. Returning to an emplaced sensor exposes the war fighter to enemy snipers, IEDs, booby traps and ambushes. Pathfinder eliminates those risks to the user and its low cost allows commanders to better decide on where, when and how many devices to leave behind.

Non-military customers now have the chance to capitalise on the ease of use of the expendable seismic sensor can provide in security settings. Whether looking to secure critical infrastructure, monitor borders, remote locations or make security fences intelligent, the Pathfinder delivers a capability that is otherwise only available to the military. An affordable and fast to install option for monitoring of remote locations, secure perimeters and critical infrastructure without the need for external power or network connection. All with up to six months of runtime on each sensor.