Whisper provides satellite-based tracking with integral panic button and two-way text messaging.  Combine the Whisper with Track24’s tracking, communications and emergency alert software – the SCC Platform – and allow your operators to monitor and manage personnel and assets on a common operating picture. As the C4i Platform is web-based, users can log in securely from anywhere with an Internet connection, whether that be a mobile tablet PC or a sophisticated operations centre. Track24 has also introduced a field-based application, SCC Tactical. This uses the Whisper as secure communication bearer to provide ‘blue force tracking’ and command and control from anywhere in the world.

Whisper operates on the Iridium satellite network, which offers complete global coverage. Robust and versatile, the device can be hand-carried or deployed as a vehicle tracker using the optional vehicle kit. Track24 offers AES-256 bit encryption as standard across Iridium, ensuring the integrity of data.

The reporting rate can be changed as required, from one minute intervals upwards. Waypoint marking and ‘check-in’ messages are also supported, all controlled through the device’s colour LCD screen.

Battery Life
Impressive battery life of best-in-class level allows for prolonged operation away from power sources, even at high reporting rate.

Panic Alarm
When the panic button is pushed, audible and visual alerts appear on the SCC Platform. Notification of the alarm is also automatically forwarded by SMS and e-mail to nominated recipients and SCC Tactical first responders.

Text Messaging
The Whisper provides 2-way chat messaging between the device and the SCC Platform, device. Free text, pre-defined canned messages and group messaging are supported.

A machine to machine (M2M) connection is available allowing for remote configuration and advanced monitoring of computer systems via the SCC Platform or SCC Tacticals.