Med-Eng TC 1080 Telescopic Camera

The system includes a High Definition video camera and an Android device to display a live image, and record photos and video.
This versatile and lightweight telescopic search camera is ideal for finding threats, hidden drugs and weapons, and other targets.
This system offers capabilities beyond a conventional search pole camera, and is ideal for:

  • Vehicle Checkpoints
  • VIP Security
  • Building Search
  • Customs and Port Security
  • Military and Police Operations
  • Explosive Threat Search

Camera Rotation

Keep the Android device and handle in a steady orientation, while rotating the telescopic pole camera 120° to the left or right (240° in total) to search a wide field of view.

Up Is Always Up

Always display the horizon at the bottom of the Android screen, even as the user moves around, so they don’t have to twist their head to make sense of what they’re seeing.

Excellent Reach

The TC 1080 telescopic search pole measures just over 3m (10’) and can be extended or retracted to the desired length, without any tools.

Single Integrated Power Supply

The search camera is conveniently powered by the Android device battery for up to 20 hours.  No need to carry the weight, or charge, a separate battery.

Ergonomic Handle

The pistol grip and forearm cradle form a natural handle.  Works equally well for left handed and right handed users.

Record Imagery, HD Video and Audio

Record imagery and video at 1080p resolution for investigative and criminal evidence purposes.

Illuminate Dark Spaces

The integrated lighting on the search camera illuminates dark spaces. The user can adjust the brightness.

Weather Resistant

This telescopic pole camera is rugged and can be used in rainy, snowy, hot and cold conditions.

Customized App

The TC 1080 Android device includes an app that enables the user to record imagery and video, adjust the lights, set the horizon, and other features.

Ease of Use

The TC 1080 search pole camera requires no tools to set up.  No formal training is required to use the system and benefit from the app.