Optic Fibrescope 1m and 2m Probe

The Tactical Electronics Optic Fiberscope 1m and 2m Probe is a precision Fibre Optic Inspection Tool utilising a 6mm, two-way, 120° articulating probe for inspection of enclosed objects. The non-conductive tip makes the unit suitable for inspection of volatile liquids. The FSNET Optic Fibrescope can be ordered in 1 or 2 metre lengths.


The Optic Fiberscope 1m and 2m Probe has a flexible body to facilitate insertion into the area to be viewed. The articulating section significantly simplifies guiding the flexible portion through complicated bends. A sharp, well-defined, bright image is viewed due to high quality light fibres and a high resolution optical system.  The articulating section can move up or down in a single plane and then be locked in a precise location. The flexible metal cable, used to protect the light guide and the stainless steel sheathing used over the flexible body, increases the fibrescope’s strength and durability. The flexible portion (flexible body and articulating section) is hermetically sealed and water resistant. This allows it’s use in liquid environments. However, this does not apply to the handle (hand held control section of fibrescope). The FS1NET flexible body can be one of the following lengths: 1000/1500/2000/2700 mm. The selection of needed working length should be based upon individual requirements and consideration of the geometric parameters of the article or object to be inspected, viewed or checked.

Design and Description

Flexible Part of Fibrescope.  The flexible portion of the Optic Fiberscope 1m and 2m Probe is covered with flexible plastic tubing for water resistance and stainless steal sheathing for strength.

Articulating Section.  The articulating section can bend within the bend plane +/-120. The cavity to be investigated must have a distance of at least 40 mm for full articulation in one direction.

End Tip Articulation Section.  The end tip has threads for connecting the protective cap or the 90° end tip. The flat area on the tip is for correctly aligning the 90° end tip.

90° viewing tip.  The 90° end tip allows for a 90° view without bending the articulation section. This allows side investigation in a much smaller cavity. It must be seated fully for proper use.

Control Lever.  The control lever is located on the right hand side and extends down and below the scope’s housing for easy use with the right hand and thumb. The control lever can be in one of two positions; the FREE MOVEMENT POSITION is extreme left and the LOCKED POSITION is extreme right.  The FREE MOVEMENT POSITION allows easy movement during insertion. The LOCKED POSITION freezes the tip for stable viewing at the inspection site.

Ocular.  The INDEX mark is observed when viewing the image through the eyepiece. The INDEX mark is located in the up position of the bend plane of the articulating section of the fibrescope.

Focusing Ring.  This allows for sharp focus based on the individual operator’s vision.

Eye-Shade.  The ocular eye-shade isolates the observer from the metal parts.

Eye-Cup.  The eye-cup fits over the ocular eye-shade to provide a darker background for the field of view. The eye-cup can be included in the fibrescope kit at the customer’s request.

Light Guide.  The fibrescope light guide includes the light guide cable and plug. The light guide cable is protected by rust resistive cable casing. Do not allow excessive bending or coiling of the cable (less than 3.5 cm radius).

Light Guide Plug.  The plug should be inserted into light source with operator only touching plastic grip of plug.

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