Remote Viewing Weapon Mounted Camera

The Tactical Electronics Remote Viewing Weapon Mounted Camera is a compact, camera system that provides operators with unparalleled viewing and targeting of subjects around corners and barriers. The Remote Viewing Camera System transmits video directly to the Tactical Electronics monitors while safely allowing precise aiming from behind cover.


  • Wireless video transmission
  • Picatinny rail mounted
  • Resolution: 240 TV Lines
  • Resilient construction
  • 6 hours of runtime
  • Weighs 3.70 ounces
  • B/W CMOS image sensor

In this Kit:

  • One: Remote Viewing Camera
  • One: Monitoring option (Handheld or Wrist Mounted)
  • One: Soft sided carry bag

Picatinny Rail Mount: 

The RVC is picatinny rail mountable on any weapon platform. The unit also provides a picatinny rail mount for attachment of a supplemental light source.

Download Datasheet