Video Fibrescope VFS3

The upgraded Video Fibrescope VFS3 introduces three new features: video recording, snapshot image capture, and a brightness controlled internal light source. The 8mm diameter probe articulates up to 160° in four directions, supplying operators with covert visual access to rooms, vehicles and packages. Combining an internal light source with a low light B/W camera, the VFS3 provides vision in low ambient light environments. Real-time wireless video may be viewed on Tactical Electronics Wireless Monitors.

Kit Contents:

  • One: Video Fibrescope 3
  • One: Monitoring option: Wrist Mounted Monitor/Handheld Monitor/Heads-Up Display/Monocular Micro Viewer
  • One: Focus tool
  • One: Hard-wire cable (compatible with Handheld Monitor)
  • One: Storm Case with precision cut foam for stable storage environment

Download Datasheet