IED Posters and Training Aids


EPE is able to provide a wide range of realistic IEDs and Training Aids that can be used to simulate the components found in IEDs. We provide realistic IED circuits and inert explosive items to enhance Counter-IED training activities. We can also provide standalone working IED circuits for use in the classroom to teach the concepts of IED circuit design and device types. Our aim is to provide these training aids, as complete packages or individual items, to our customers seeking the most realistic and technically correct items for use during training. An extensive range of posters and Cut Away IED’s are also available to enhance and reinforce training and awareness.

The IED Training Aid range is as follows:
• Complete IED kits
• Complete Range of IED posters
• Various types of Pipe Bomb
• Incendiary Devices
• Radio Controlled Devices
• Victim Operated Devices
• Command Initiated Devices
• CO2 Cylinder Bomb
• IED Propane Device
• IEDs in various housings and containers
• Improvised parcel and package devices
• Improvised Rocket Launchers
• Various Concealed Devices
• Assortment of IED Switches

The IED Training Aids can be configured to many different standards, which most often depend on the end users requirements.  Please contact EPE to discuss any requirement that you may have.  

All of the IEDs and Training Aids are completely inert and do not contain any hazardous material.  

All products are restricted to official use only and are not available to the general public.