Inert Detonators and Explosives

EPE provides a large range of Inert Electrical Detonators, Blasting Caps, Detonation Cord, Shock Tube and the like. All detonators are completely inert and do not contain any hazardous materials.

The inert detonators allow for the inclusion of a detonator in a device that will be identified manually or via X-ray procedures. The inert blasting caps assist with the training of demolitions, as it allows the operator to prepare and connect the detonator as it would be expected on live operations and training.

A full range of Electronic Detonators, Blasting Caps, and Shock Tube are available.

Demolitions and Demolition Accessories inclusive of simulated explosives such as PE, C4, TNT and Semtex natures and explosive accessories such as M60 and M81 igniters are available with inert Fuse to reinforce training and procedures. A full range rage of Demolitions and Demolition posters are available for training and awareness.

All products are restricted to official use only and are not available to the general public.