Live Agent Training LAT

Live Agent Training (LAT) provided to military and first responders worldwide gives an unrivalled opportunity to gain practical experience in a demanding and hostile CBR environment. EPE has facilitated LAT participation for a significant number of CBR Response Teams (CRT) from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

Live CBR warfare agent training is provided at the Defense Research Development Centre in Canada (DRDC).  The instruction from a renowned body of experts covering the training stems from their extensive subject knowledge and experience.  Upon completion of the course, CRT members will have validated tactics, techniques, procedures, operational equipment, performance status and increased confidence to operate in CBR environments.

Live Agent Training Course/ Laboratory
CRT members will be provided a baseline of instruction on CBR warfare agents as well as site orientation, safety and mission briefing and monitoring for safety compliances.  CRTs use government owned detection, identification and decontamination equipment to conduct a series of realistic training exercises in live agent conditions. The course also covers CRTs basic chemical, biological anc radiological concepts and how they relate to CBR agents. This includes agent detection, identification, and decontamination techniques using organic team equipment.

Live Agent Training Exercises
During the exercise phase CRT members will execute a variety of mission scenarios in a live agent environment under the control of their team and company chains of command. CRTs will conduct mission planning and preparation (to include equipment checks and PPE dress-out), plus EOD/ entry party detection, identification and decontamination tasks is a realistic training scenario under live agent conditions to meet the objective requirements.
CRTs will be provided with current threat-based scenarios in live agent environments. Training exercises may be conducted in both indoor and outdoor facilities dependent upon DRDC facility conditions and are planned and coordinated with CRT leadership personnel present at each site.