Replica Ordnance

EPE offers an extensive range of replica ordnance. The ordnance is diverse covering a majority of western and foreign munitions around the world.

The Replica Ordnance range includes, but is not limited to the following:
• Inert Munitions and Artillery Ordnance
• Inert Mortars, Projectiles and Grenades
• Inert Land Mines
• Demolition items and accessories
• Inert Rockets, RPGs and Missiles
• Replica Small Arms and Tactical Systems
• Replica Weapons and Weapon Systems
• Replica Equipment and Gear
• Cut Away Training Aids and Posters
• Items made to order on request

The replica munitions are constructed from an extremely durable urethane compound that is almost indestructible, spun aluminium or steel. Care is taken to ensure that the replicas represent the live ordnance type that it represents. Colour codes and markings are also taken into consideration to ensure that the ordnance resembles the type by function and design.

Please contact EPE to discuss your specialised requirements.  All products are restricted to official use only and not available to the general public.