Scimitar SKC Standard Kit Configuration

The Scimitar SKC is a basic kit allowing users an entry level capability that is simple to operate and deploy whilst still providing the full range of functionality. Scimitar C5i utilises MESH radios as the bearer which enables users to build on this capability if required, and ensures a flexible and scalable capability. In the SKC configuration, Scimitar C5i provides a command centre that connects up to 3x physiological sensors and 3x live video streams depending on their proximity to the radio. The SKC is able to connect to just a single physiological monitor or video, if required.

The kit includes:

  • x1 Scimitar C5i Laptop
  • x1 Scimitar Tactical Software and license
  • x4 Scimitar Radio 
  • x1 Scimitar Backpack
  • x3 Mohoc Camera
  • x3 SD Card
  • x3 Zephyr Borharness 3.0
  • x1 5 Bay Bioharness Charger
  • x3 Scimitar Radio Pouch

The Scimitar SKC can be upgraded with the ST12000 allowing  a more robust interface with a larger screen.