BRINC Lemur 2

BRINC Lemur 2 is the ultimate tool for barricades, negotiations, hostage rescue, de-escalation, HazMat response, search & rescue, and bomb/EOD operations. With its state-of-the-art pilot assistance systems and advanced autonomy features, the platform is designed to help keep your team and our communities safer.

Gain Intel. Make Contact. De-escalate.


Featuring the BRINC Autonomy Engine, the platform operates seamlessly in extreme environments while respecting user inputs. The onboard LiDAR generates 2D floor plans in real-time, providing users with critical information before they enter a building. Additionally, the Dynamic Autonomy Smart Speed Obstacle Awareness system enables the BRINC Lemur 2 to adjust its speed when near objects, giving pilots more control and flexibility.

Other key features include 4K Day, Night Vision & Thermal Sensors, 360 Position Hold, Glass Breaker Attachment, 2-Way Comms, Live Stream Off-site, and Mesh Network Capabilities.

With BRINC Lemur 2, your team will have the cutting-edge technology they need to tackle even the toughest situations. Order now and experience the difference.

4K Day Time, Night Vision & Thermal Sensors

A new digital transmission system provides a smooth, high frame rate stream from the equipped 4K visual sensor. Activate the paired Floodlight With Strobe or Night Vision Illuminator in low or no light situations

Smart Speed Obstacle Awareness

Smart Speed Obstacle Awareness shifts the LEMUR 2 into a slower speed setting when near objects, letting pilots interact as they want or shift back into top gear.

Multipurpose Dropper

Deliver a pack of cigarettes during a negotiation or drag a life jacket across the floor with a capacity of 0.45 kg.

2-Way Communication

Can fill multiple rooms with sound. Audible from behind closed doors and over the sound of propellers.

Live Stream Off-Site

Captures and transmits HD video in real time. Access live video feeds or Realtime Floor Plans remotely. Runs on any modern browser.

Tactical Entry

Make entry in seconds | Effective at breaking tempered, automotive, and most residential glass. The glass breaker allows LEMUR 2 to gain access into structures. This attachment can be used to ventilate buildings during structure fires, make entry during active shooter situations, and save lives in critical situations.

Pushes Doors & Tiles | To LEMUR 2, most interior doors are just a minor inconvenience.

Realtime Floor Plans

Onboard LiDAR | Be informed before you enter. As LEMUR 2 clears a building, its LiDAR sensor generates 2D floor plans and sends them to users in real time.

3D LiDAR Sensor | Provides the data that fuels the BRINC Autonomy Engine.

  • Collects 570,000+ datapoints/sec
  • Works in no light environments


Turtle Mode | It can engage turtle mode to flip over and redeploy after any incident

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Nylon Frame | Built to bounce off walls and take hits in confined environments

Water Resistant Frame | Designed and tested in the US, LEMUR 2 meets IP24 guidelines


Secure and Trustworthy

National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant
Designed, assembled and supported in the U.S.