Avenger 2.0 Mid-Sized Robot

Avenger 2.0 : A New Generation Mid-sized Robot Enhanced performance, capabilities, and reliability.

Introducing the Avenger 2.0. A mid-sized robot with the capabilities of a larger Unmanned Ground Vehicle, designed and built for the demands of:

  • Military EOD
  • Public Safety Bomb Disposal
  • CBRNe and HazMat Operations
  • Tactical Operations

The Avenger 2.0 combines strength and speed into a compact, highly mobile, tactical response ground robot. It can deploy recoilless and certain recoil disruptors, as well as CBRNe sensors and X-Ray equipment downrange with full connectivity to the operator, giving a clearer understanding of multiple threats.

This new generation of Avenger 2.0 offers EOD teams and Bomb Technicians the benefits of:

  • Improved dynamic loading capability of Manipulator Arm
  • Improved Vehicle Control Unit with upgraded performance and optimized weight
  • Improved Pre-set capability with Gripper encoder
  • Enhanced “Ease of Use” and “User Experience”
  • Introduction of the PlayStation® PS5 Controllers
  • COFDM Point to Multi Point RF system (selectable 1.4 GHz or 2.4 GHz) as standard
  • “Hot Swappable” battery change with optional Lithium-Ion power source
  • Improved material finish featuring a hard anodized process
  • Smaller profile spotlights

CBRNE Operations

The Avenger 2.0 is fully compatible with a range of 3rd party sensors and electronic devices that enable a response team to understand and manage a complex CBRN threat

The optional Boom Arm expands the capability and modularity of the Avenger robot.
It mounts on the Manipulator Arm, and enables operators to deploy optional accessories such as camera suites, CBRNe sensors, or lightweight X-Ray equipment. The Boom Arm mounts easily and quickly, without tools.

The Boom Camera is a recommended option that can be mounted on the Boom Arm or an appropriate Picatinny Rail on the Manipulator Arm.
The Boom Camera is a color HD camera with autofocus and image stabilization incorporating a x30 Optical and x12 Digital zoom. When combined with the pan and tilt of the Boom Arm makes it is an ideal camera for search and payload placement. It has a dedicated high-powered Infrared Illuminator.