Dragon Runner 20 (DR-20)

Small and lightweight, yet rugged and feature-packed, QinetiQ North America’s innovative Dragon Runner 20 (DR-20) Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) is a highly specialised unmanned system uniquely suited to give users the ability to literally see around corners and into tight spaces. Modular and re-configurable, the mission dictates exactly how Dragon Runner will be used – making it the perfect choice for a wide range of military applications, especially in congested urban settings.  The DR-20 SUGV provides a rugged, flexible solution to ordnance disposal, reconnaissance, inspection, and security in military and first responder applications. It provides an extra set of eyes and the dexterity to go where personnel can’t, whether it’s under a car at a security checkpoint, or deep inside a sewer or drainpipe.

Originally designed for the U.S. Marine Corps, the basic model of the DR-20 weighs in at only 9.07 kg, measuring just 30 cm wide, 42 cm long and 15 cm high. Although not much larger than a child’s remote-controlled vehicle, this powerful robot packs an array of mission-ready capabilities.

The DR-20 SUGV can lift from 2 to 5 kgs with its manipulator arm, which has a rotating shoulder, wrist and grippers for dexterity. It can also expand its mission capabilities when fitted with tracks for enhanced mobility. Reconnaissance/surveillance options for the robot include day/night cameras, pan/tilt/zoom cameras, motion detectors and a microphone for listening capability. Teh DR-20 SUGV also has extended radio frequency operating capabilities and can operate in a jammed environment.

EPE offers maintenance support plans as the exclusive maintenance and repair facility for QinetiQ North America UGVs in Australia and New Zealand.

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