TALON V is the only tactical, mid-sized robot that has successfully completed TARDEC’s Interoperability Profile (IOP) testing. Its enhanced electronics and software is designed to provide open architecture, increased performance, flexibility and system level modularity.

IOP Compliant: The Robot is the first IOP-compliant robotic platform available in its class. This next generation TALON robot provides 16 total 1/0 ports including IOP A and B connectors. The software is JAUS AS4 compliant and supports Plug and Play discovery of IOP devices.

Mobility: The system features a new high performance drive motor option which is capable of speeds greater than 10.80 kph, with enough torque to climb a 46° staircase.

Optics: it offers a variety of high definition and standard definition camera options in addition to an optional, dual purpose Thermal/Daytime zoom camera.

Manipulator: TALON V offers a new Heavy Lift, Multiple Degree-of-Freedom (DOF) Manipulator. Talon V also supports a variety of third party and legacy TALON manipulators.