InstantEye Mk3 Gen5 sUAS

The InstantEye Mk3 Gen5 sUAS is the newest in the InstantEye family ( InstantEye Mk2 Gen3 , InstantEye Mk2 Gen4), a combat-proven, high-performance, affordable, aerial robotic systems that can be hand launched/recovered by a single operator in any weather. InstantEye is a full-spectrum organic enabler that provides on-demand, tactical, situational awareness to enhance force protection, mitigate operational risk, and inform the ground force commander’s decision-making process. The InstantEye Mk3 GEN5-D1/D2 is an encrypted, all-digital system with superior real-time video imagery. The InstantEye Mk3 GEN5-D1/D2 aircraft is the smallest in the family. Due to its small size, it has low audible and visual signatures, allowing it to execute stealthy operations.

  • From stowed to operational in ~90 seconds
  • Silent motor drive, low audible signature
  • Encrypted, all-digital communication
  • Requires only a single operator
  • Integral gimbaled EO/IR cameras
  • Operator-controlled waypoint navigation
  • Seamless GPS/non-GPS flight operation
  • Intuitive 2-day program of instruction (POI)
  • EUD/tablet compatible, single-hand control
  • Operator-level service and maintenance
  • Operates in all weather, all locations