MESMER™ Counter Drone Solution

MESMER™ Counter Drone Solution uses novel methods to enable the detection and mitigation of radio controlled devices (e.g. drones or unmanned vehicles). In contrast to other systems, MESMER™ does not employ kinetic attacks or jamming. MESMER™ is a software platform that operates as a stand-alone system or alternately on top of existing hardware solutions. MESMER™ provides automated detection and finessed mitigation strategies that can be selected to function autonomously or with a man in the loop. MESMER™’s detection stage occurs using cognitive techniques for blind signal detection and characterization to determine the existence of threats. MESMER™’s response stage is based on a technique that we call, protocol manipulation. Protocol manipulation uses signal features and metadata to select and apply strategies in order to curtail threats.

MESMER™ recognizes unique radio signal features and other communication metadata to select and apply strategies that curtail drone threats, unlike other systems that use radio jamming and standard electronic mitigation techniques. MESMER’s protocol manipulation is low-power, operating below 1 watt and within US regulatory (FCC) constraints. Low power is an advantage because it only affects targeted radiocontrolled devices — not non-targeted communication signals in the vicinity.