Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot Mk2

The Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot Mk2 t is a flexible, cost effective, remote controlled Small (Heavy) Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). It can be fitted with a variety of toolkits including a demining flail or tiller and at the same time a rear robotic arm equipped with different attachments. In C-IED operations, a detector system can be mounted on the front and an IED disruptor can be fitted on the rear robotic arm. It has a 74 HP diesel water cooled Kohler engine which can operate for several hours continuously without refuelling. All hydraulic hoses and couplings are internationally common.

The Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot Mk2 is capable of performing the following roles:

Conventional Demining & EO Clearance Operations

  • Technical Survey and EO Reconnaissance
  • Mechanical demining where there is restricted access for larger mechanical equipment
  • Vegetation cutting prior to manual or canine assisted demining
  • Small clearance operations & area reduction

Counter-IED Operations

  • Support to C-IED operations
  • Support to Route Clearance operations
  • Surface/Sub-surface IED Disposal
  • Mechanical Surrogate Scout for Dismounted Foot Patrols

The Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot Mk2 has heavy duty rubber tracks producing a ground bearing pressure of less than 5 PSI but can be fitted with wider tracks for softer terrain. It is very employable in challenging terrain where larger machines cannot access because it is small, manoeuvrable and can climb, descend and traverse 45° slopes & deep gullies due to its low centre of gravity & power. The UGV itself weighs 1840 Kg.