InstantEye Mk2 Gen4 sUAS

The InstantEye Mk2 Gen4 sUAS provides the next generation of high-performance, low-cost aerial systems that can be hand-launched/recovered by a single operator in any weather. It expands upon the capability of the Mk2 GEN3, a proven system with combat experience that provides immediate tactical ISR in urban and rural environments, by supporting Mobile Area Network (MANET) capability using the Harris EMR radio system as well as expanded lift capacity to support a range of payloads. InstantEye is a full-spectrum organic enabler that provides on-demand situational awareness to enhance force protection and mitigate operational risk. The low base cost of the sUAS, coupled with the fact that no data is stored on the system, means commanders do not have to risk soldiers’ lives to recover a piece of technology.

  • From stowed to operational in ~30 seconds
  • Immediate EO/IR ISR and Mobile Area
  • Network support for the tactical commander
  • Deployable in all weather conditions
  • Single operator functionality
  • Extremely intuitive 2-day POI
  • Tactical hand launch and recovery
  • Ruggedised, sunlight-readable GCS completely operational in all conditions
  • Expanded plug-and-play payload capacity
  • Operator-level service and maintenance

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