Nova | Artificially Intelligent & Autonomous Indoor-Outdoor sUAS

Shield AI’s Nova quadcopter utilises “self-driving” technology for sUAS and is purpose-built to fundamentally transform close combat. The artificially intelligent and autonomous drone independently navigates inside unknown, complex environments, builds maps of its surroundings, and streams (Gridded Reference Graphic) GRG maps and video back to its operator in real time. This allows service members to conduct reconnaissance and see inside a structure before they enter – all without requiring a teammate to pilot the robot.

Nova gives its operator the advantage by providing situational awareness on the threats and conditions in buildings and urban areas that have historically been blind spots. The system was designed to be resilient and operates on the edge in contested, GPS- and comms-denied environments.


  • Weight: 960g
  • Dimensions: 418 mm x 418 mm x 266 mm
  • Max Outdoor Speed: 32 km/h
  • Max Indoor Speed: 5.6 km/h
  • Building Mapping Rate: 130 sq. m/min
  • Max Flight Time: 10 mins on one battery