Avenger Mid-Sized Robot

The Avenger Mid-Sized Robot is an entirely new bomb disposal and tactical robot that has been engineered to provide police and military response teams with enhanced capabilities to manage ongoing and emerging threats posed by terrorists, particularly in cities where Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDS, or ‘car bombs’) and CBRNe threats are of concern.

The Avenger’s arm and claw offer 7 degrees of freedom and provide capabilities typically found only on larger ROVs. It has excellent lifting abilities and can easily reach into, under and over vehicles to investigate suspicious devices, such as an Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).  Its mounting system and dexterity make it easy for operators to grasp a target or to deploy X-ray systems, disruptors, sensors and EOD Tools.

The Avenger’s new gearing and track subsystems allow it to move very quickly in open terrain and confidently overcome sand, mud, gravel, snow and shallow water. Its tracks remotely adjust upwards for maximum traction for climbing stairs and railway tracks, and downwards for greater control when descending and lifting.  Its ‘no throw’ tracks eject debris such as gravel to help the tracks stay in place in rough and loose terrain.

To help manage CBRNe threats, the Avenger includes an on-board computer that can receive data from a range of 3rd party CBRN sensors simultaneously.  It relays this information to its command console where team leaders at a command post can make well-informed decisions based on real time data, video and audio.

The small size of the Avenger Mid-Sized Robot allows it to be transported in smaller urban response vehicles and eliminate the need for a dedicated trailer.  This is very beneficial to units operating in city environments with dense traffic and narrow streets.

With 3 dedicated HD cameras, including an innovative stalk camera, operators have excellent visibility over the target and surrounding area. The Turret Lighting system provides excellent illumination in dark areas.  The 2-way audio allows for communications in hostage situations or to support first responders down range.

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