Backscatter Imaging System

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Viken Handheld Backscatter X-ray Imaging Systems

Viken Backscatter Imaging Systems are rugged, ergonomically designed mobile X-ray scanners. They can be used to quickly, risk-free and efficiently inspect abandoned luggage, suspect vehicles, suspicious shipments of goods and more to detect hidden contraband, drug packages, explosives or weapons. The handheld Backscatter models are easy to use and a reliable partner in customs and border and vehicle inspections.

Older portable transmission X-ray systems require the X-ray source module and the detector module to be placed and aligned (with the source on one side of the object and the detector on the other side) before an X-ray image can be taken. Sometimes it is not possible to place the source and detector where they are needed to produce a good transmission X-ray image; and it is not possible to take transmission X-ray images close to ground. Portable transmission X-ray systems scan about 6 by 8 inches (15 by 20 cm) at one time and it can take minutes to scan an object of interest. With the new Backscatter Imaging System you can scan small or large objects and see what’s inside immediately. Scan up to a square foot per second and see high-contrast backscatter X-ray images of concealed threats — in vehicle fenders, doors, bumpers, exhaust manifolds, dashboards, seats and tires. Find improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in backpacks and similar threats in seconds, even in tight corners and next to the ground.