Crossmatch Biometrics

Crossmatch-Finger Print Scanning Technology

Whether it is supporting the validity of a democratic election through one person – one vote, enabling a roadside rapid identification of a wanted criminal, or ensuring the integrity and security of a national border, Crossmatch biometric identity solutions deliver performance and reliability to a broad range of identity management challenges.


Crossmatch-Finger Print Scanning Technology

Border Security

Simplify processes, speed queues, address technical requirements and enhance security even in the toughest environments and critical identity applications.

Crossmatch-Finger Print Scanning Technology

Detention Centres

Positively identify individuals at every step in a criminal justice system at federal, state or special jurisdictional levels that include the military.


Law Enforcement

Secure, compliant and efficient risk-based access to criminal history record databases and critical workflows for police departments and other law enforcement agencies.

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