North America

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EPE North America Core Capability:

  • All Hazards Capability Partner
  • Long Term partnerships with world leading and proven US Technology providers
  • Global operator experience and knowledge expertise in:
    • C-IED and Active Shooter
    • C-Narcotic and current threats
    • Home Made Explosives and Clandestine Labs
    • CBRNE
  • Total Through Life Support and Specialist Training
    • Maintenance
    • Service
    • Technical reach back
  • US Company with International reach

Our Partners:

EPE North America

Our Offerings


Our Team of highly experienced trainers has extensive experience in EOD and Counter IED activities including IED and Homemade Explosive Disposal, Counter CBRNe, Weapons Technical Intelligence, specialist search.

We deliver:

  • Technical Equipment Training
  • Customised training packages
  • Off the shelf courses

Through Life Support

At EPE we understand how important it is to have your equipment 100% operational, 100% of the time. Equipment we supply, we will support. Equipment will be maintained, serviced and repaired using OEM genuine parts, support, procedures, software and firmware upgrades utilised throughout the maintenance process.

Digital Management – EPE utilises Maintenance Assistant Computerised Maintenance Management System for all Through Life Support, giving us the ability to track and report on the life of your equipment:

  • Provide an open portal for customers to submit a Maintenance Request
  • Provide customer access to technical manuals
  • Track assets and service history
  • Control maintenance work order management
  • Produce repetitive and automatic preventative maintenance tasks
  • Plan maintenance activities
  • Order OEM manufactured spare parts