SEEKERe Explosive and Narcotics handheld Detector

The SEEKERe from DetectaChem represents the cutting edge in portable detection. The SEEKERe has been designed with features specifically requested by end users in the US DOD and government agencies around the world. One-handed operation, a protective rubber boot, and a sealed, water-resistant enclosure make thisthe ultimate ruggedised battle-ready detector. Industry-leading automated colorimetrics provide accurate detection capability with complete detection screening from a single test.

The SEEKERe is available in three versions:

  • DDK – Drug Detection including, Opiates/Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, THC, Synthetic, Ketamine
  • EDK – Explosive Detection including: Nitroaromatics, Nitramines, Nitrate Esters, Inorganic Nitrates, Chlorates, Peroxides, Perchlorates, GunShot Residue, etc.
  • MDK – Combine Detection Capability from DDK and EDK

Ease of USe

  • Portability – Fits in Hand
  • Simple 4 Step Operation
  • Easy to Use Digital Diagnostic
  • Self Monitoring
  • Very Low Maintenance, No down time
  • Off to Ready-to-test in just 25 Seconds