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Drone / UAS / RPAS


Patrol-Led UAS Deployment with Oklahoma City PD

Fritz Reber, Head of Public Safety Integration, Skydio

When it comes to using drones for public safety, the capability of the drone is important but the deployment tactics matter just as much. This paper explores the importance that the chosen method of drone deployment has in driving value for public safety drone teams. […]

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Counter Drone

White Paper - Drone Threat C-UAS

RPAS, Evolving Threats & Counter RPAS Technology.

Scott Corrigan, Director Capability and Keith Mollison GM, Counter Drone & ECM Manager EPE
June 2019.

This White Paper has been produced to assist in the understanding and consideration of technology options to counter the threat posed by Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) / Unmanned Aerial or Aircraft Systems (UAS) / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Drones. […]

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EOD 10 Bomb Suit

White Paper_EOD 10_Detonator Feb 2019 Med-Eng NIJ Certification Bomb Suits

NIJ Certification for Bomb Suits What is it, and why does it matter?

Dr. Aris Makris, Ph.D., Vice-President, RD&E and CTO, Med-Eng & Dr. Jean-Philippe Dionne, Med-Eng
Jan-Feb 2019, Detonator Magazine.

Historically, bomb suit manufacturers relied on multiple performance standards, or test protocols, inspired from adjacent technical fields and adapted to the EOD context, in order to quantify, or characterize, the performance of their bomb suit design […]

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White Paper_EOD 10_NATO EOD Bomb Suit Testing and Standards 2018

Developments in Bomb Suits Testing and Standardization

Dr. Aris MAKRIS, Ph.D. Vice-President, RD&E and Chief Technology Officer, Med-Eng, Canada
Slovakia 2018, NATO EOD Bomb Suit Testing and Standards.

Historically, bomb suit manufacturers relied on a number of performance standards inspired from adjacent technical fields, sometimes customized for EOD applications. Test methods were inconsistent between laboratories and many results could not be consistently reproduced, or trusted […]

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White Paper - Comparison of FT-IR and Raman Spectroscopy

Comparison of FT-IR and Raman Spectroscopy: Identification of common chemicals in safety and security applications

Dr. Suzanne Schreyer, Sr. Applications Scientist Rigaku Analytical Devices

Correct and timely identification of chemicals and chemical compounds are required to ensure safety. In this work, a comparison of two proven techniques is performed on a set of chemicals considered “materials of interest” in safety […]

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White Paper - Rapid Concentration to Support Improved Detection of Indicator Bacteria in Recreational Waters

Rapid Concentration to Support Improved Detection of Indicator Bacteria in Recreational Waters

Andy Page President and Chief Technology Officer, InnovaPrep

Rapid detection of fecal indicator bacteria in recreational waters is needed to ensure public safety. Molecular and other rapid microbiological detection technologies have progressed significantly […]

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White Paper - Rethink Level A

Rethink Level A


An overdue modernization of Hazmat PPE, Can NFPA protection standards be compared to OSHA/EPA levels? […]

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