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The potential threat posed by the use of terrorist explosive devices is very real and cannot be overstated. As new bombing techniques and tactics are developed EOD teams have to also develop their responses and hone their tactics to deal with emerging threats.

Our aim at EPE is to understand requirements, and provide effective, realistic and dynamic training that builds on the existing experience to develop their skills and enable personnel attain high standards of competency in tactics, techniques and procedures.

EPE provides training specifically designed to meet the customers’ needs. EPE provides a wide range of training based on real world experience of operations in both domestic and overseas environments. Our training team have strategic, operational, and tactical experience in their fields. This includes former military, police operators, and other specialists, all of whom are experienced and accredited trainers.

In order to deliver a range of training courses we have identified a need for dedicated, purposebuilt training facilities. These include explosive test grounds, and other complex systems. These facilities form part of the EPE MILTECS group of facilities, providing quantifiable, comparable, repeatable, realistic and challenging training environments.

Dedicated Training Support Capability 

In addition to the provision of standalone specialist training courses, including equipment training and capability skills training, EPE also provides the following training support services:

Training Design and Development 

Our team has extensive experience of designing courses to meet specific customer requirements. To date EPE has provided over thirty standalone equipment training packages to support the introduction into service of a wide range of technical equipment for the ADF, NZDF and Police forces in Australia and New Zealand. We also have experience in designing capability training courses to support specific operational requirements. A good example is the EPE MARS course that was designed to meet the needs of a specific unit of the ADF and has since been taken up by other ADF units, the NZDF and several Police units in Australia. Our course design process will provide course media aligned to customer standards and requirements

Standalone Training Exercises and Scenarios

EPE has the ability to provide standalone realistic scenarios that can be used to test EOD team skills or equipment use. These scenarios can be customised to meet specific user needs or to identify specific capability outcomes. We believe that exercises and scenarios benefit from a high level of realism including realism of the actual device, realism of the scenario and the attached intelligence background, and finally, realism of the location used for the exercise. Our support to exercises and scenario training is scalable and can include single tasks or a developed series of exercises.

Red Team

The EPE team is able to examine and test all aspects of an EOD unit’s capability, including their doctrine, SOPs, equipment and training to then work collaboratively with the unit to develop capability improvement plans. With a collective experience of over 230 years and a range of operational service in both domestic and overseas deployed operations we can provide tangible improvements to units. Several members of the EPE training team have been involved in long term programs to develop capability improvements for EOD response units internationally

Manual Access Render Safe (MARS) Course

Location : At your location or EPE MILTECS Facility      Appropriate for: Qualified EOD Operator      Duration: 10 Days

During our ten-day Manual Access Render Safe (MARS) course, we train experienced EOD Techs in techniques and procedures to enable them to meet the challenges of high threat manual operations. The course teaches a range of MARS techniques including device stabilisation, advanced x-ray, access drills, circuit diagnostics and the management of Category A tasks where there is an immediate threat to life. During the course trainees operate alone or in two-man teams to manually render safe a range of complex simulated IEDs. The EPE MARS course is an established course that has been delivered to military and police units in Australia and New Zealand since 2015.

Post Blast Investigation Course

Location : EPE MILTECS Facility      Appropriate for: Qualified EOD Operator, Forensic Teams, WIT Team      Duration: 5 Days

The aftermath of an IED attack is often an environment where control of the scene and the timely recovery of forensic evidence as well as tactical and technical intelligence is essential to understanding what happened. During the five-day EPE Post Blast Investigation Course we train forensic teams how to approach, manage and investigate post blast events. The course is based on real world experience of scene investigation in both domestic and deployed operational environments. The course is delivered at the EPE MILTECS* sites in Southeast Queensland and exposes trainees to realistic (real) blast scenes including targets such as buildings and vehicles.

Home Made Explosives Theory & Practical Course (HME-T&P)

Location : EPE MILTECS Facility      Appropriate for: Qualified EOD Operator, Search Teams      Duration: 5 Days

The use of Home-Made Explosives (HME) and Home-Made Incendiaries (HMI) is a significant component of IED activity both overseas and in a domestic environment. The widespread internet coverage of the methods and materials used to manufacture HME and HMI means that their use is more prolific than ever. During the render safe of IEDs or the clearance of HME labs and bomb factories first responders and forensic teams need to be fully aware of the identifying features of the main types of HME/HMI and the inherent hazards associated with the handling of such materials.

Alarm Sensor Defeat Course

Location : At your location or EPE MILTECS Facility      Appropriate for: Qualified EOD Operator      Duration: 5 Days

International trends indicate the continued use of alarm sensor switches within IEDs. The next logical step is a device incorporating an Intruder Alarm System (IAS) control panel with appropriate sensors as a complete intelligent IED. The EPE Alarm Sensor defeat course develops the knowledge and skills of qualified EOD operators to enable them to defeat or bypass alarm sensors individually or when forming part of a completes IAS.

Maritime EOD Interdiction Course (MEODIC)

Location : At your location      Appropriate for: Qualified EOD Operator      Duration: 15 Days

Maritime operations provide particular environmental and tactical challenges to EOD personnel who are often required to operate with only light scales of equipment. The limitations of working with only what can be carried while facing the wide range of potential threats and other hazards that might be encountered in a maritime environment requires a dedicated training solution. The EPE Maritime EOD Interdiction course is a challenging and realistic training course designed to prepare qualified EOD personnel for the rigours of carrying out operations in a maritime environment. The course includes elements of MARS training as well as more conventional light scale IED disposal using in-service disruptors and tools. The course is fifteen days long and culminates in an exercise that provides a range of realistic assessment scenarios.

Advanced X-Ray Techniques for EOD Operators Course

Location : At your location or EPE MILTECS Facility      Appropriate for: Qualified EOD Operator      Duration: 3 Days

The non-destructive use of x-rays to confirm the makeup of a suspect object is a key part of IED render safe procedures. There are however risks that some devices may contain sensors or circuits that could activate when exposed to x-ray radiation. In addition, during potential MARS tasks the devices may be complicated, and an advanced level of x-ray interpretation is required prior to planning access and diagnostic actions. The three-day EPE Advanced X-Ray Techniques Course provides trained EOD Operators with a focused course that aims to improve their use of radiography techniques and take them to the next level.

CBRN Forensic Procedures Course

Location : At your location or EPE MILTECS Facility      Appropriate for: Qualified EOD Operator and Forensics Teams      Duration: 5 Days

The requirement to carry out forensics sampling and evidence handling in a CBRN environment provides a number of challenges to teams tasked in the aftermath of a CBRN related incident. The rules of evidence continuity and integrity still apply, but larger challenges, such as the safe handling and packaging as well as the protocols required for moving samples across a “hot line” all add to the degree of difficulty in such incidents. The five-day EPE CBRN Forensic Procedures course provides a practical guide to the safe sampling, handling and management of contaminated material resulting from a CBRN incident.

Advanced IED Electronics Course

Location : At your location or EPE MILTECS Facility      Appropriate for: Qualified EOD Operator      Duration: 3 Days

The availability of single board computers and micro controllers with their associated software packages has enabled prototyping and development of electronic devices to be carried out by anyone with a laptop. Modules such as the Arduino UNO or the Raspberry Pi are flexible and endlessly expandable with a range of shields and add on sensors. This means that they can easily be adapted to form the core of an intelligent IED circuit. The three-day EPE Advanced IED Electronics Course aims to teach the use of single board computers and micro controllers to build a programmable and flexible IED circuit.


Location : EPE MILTECS Facility      Appropriate for: Qualified EOD & IEDD Operator and Tactical Teams      Duration: 5 Days

Several attacks that have included the real or threatened use of IEDs, including person-borne IEDs, have highlighted the requirement for tactical police units to consider the integration of an EOD element within their response capability. Our course trains EOD & IEDD operators for their role within a tactical team as well as training the tactical team to fully employ their EOD & IEDD operators.


Location : At your location or EPE MILTECS Facility    Appropriate for: Search Teams and Search Team Commanders    Duration: 3 to 10 Days

The ability to effectively and efficiently search buildings, hotels, conference facilities, stadiums and other venues to reduce the risk from IEDs requires a high level of training. We provide Bomb Search training at a number of levels including Basic Searcher, Search Team Leader and Search Commander. We also have extensive experience training searchers for high threat high assurance search operations including technical search activities. Our courses can be tailored to user capability requirements and the specific search equipment held by users. Each of our courses include a realistic  scenario based exercise where search teams are required to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the training course to complete a search task.

Support Services Delivered by Specialists, Subject Matter Experts and Trainers