Through Life Support

EPE supports a fleet of 250 robotic platforms in-service with Military and Police jurisdictions in Australia, New Zealand and broader APAC region

APAC region maintenance and supply hubs

Sustain and support capability at the right time in the right place

We understand how important sustaining capability is at strategic, operational, and tactical levels. EPE works with global OEMs to shift inspection, repair and upgrade activities to our Maintenance and Supply
Hubs in the APAC region. We provide confidence to capability owners, managers, and end users that the equipment capabilities they rely on in demanding situations will be supported to perform.

Our Sovereign Maintenance and Supply Hubs provide a dedicated raise, train and sustain capability with the ability to surge as required. Our OEM trained and accredited team can then provide real time technical support in local time zones.

We have a proven track record in support of operational equipment capabilities for Defence, Law Enforcement and other government agencies. The outcome for our customers is:

  • Reduced inventory turn-around time and shipping costs
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Optimal levels of operational availability (Ao)
  • Reduced administrative logistic down-time (ALDT)
  • Reduced burden on equipment managers, providing customer modelled Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) support and fixed price ILS packages
  • Reduced unplanned expenditure easing budgetary planning

OEM trained and accredited technicians

EPE offers a comprehensive analysis, diagnostic and repair service aimed at maintaining a sustainable field capability for the entire equipment life cycle. Our technicians utilise extensive industry experience and are OEM trained and certified to provide genuine parts support, procedures, software and firmware upgrades.

Our team of technicians have:

  • Electrical licence
  • Radiation Safety Officer certification
  • Operational Military experience
  • Minimum Security Clearance of NVL1
  • Vast industry experience and network
  • Exclusive OEM training and endorsement
  • Intimate Knowledge and Experience with TRAMM-L
  • Expertise in electronics and communications
  • Experience with Military repair and logistic processes
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OEM Accredited Repairs and Upgrade

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Reduced Through Life Support Cost

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Field Support Representatives (FSR)

Trusted To Support.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) | New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) | Attorney Generals Department |  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade | State and Territory Police | Emergency Department | Integration and field support throughout the Middle East

Through Life Support/maintenance Tehcnician working on DR20 UGV
Through Life Support/maintenance Tehcnician doing some electronic repairs
Through Life Support/maintenance Tehcnician working on EOD9 Helmet
Through Life Support/maintenance Tehcnician working on ECM

Digital Management.

EPE currently utilises FiiX Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for all ILS needs.
FiiX CMMS has the ability to:

  • Provide an open portal for customers to submit a Maintenance Request,
  • Provide customer access to technical manuals,
  • Track assets and service history,
  • Control Work Order management,
  • Produce repetitive and automatic preventative maintenance tasks,
  • Plan maintenance activities via calendar,
  • Control inventory, and
  • Conduct purchasing from suppliers.
Maintenance Through Life Support_Digital-Management-System_-FIIX

Our Services

EPE provides a complete maintenance solution for your teams ROV and UGV assets. Our service includes:

  • Onsite maintenance packages including Technical Inspections and periodic servicing,
  • Fourth line repairs and physical upgrades,
  • Maintenance training for ROV systems, and
  • Extensive experience and knowledge with current in-service fleets.

EPE facilitates and performs maintenance on a diverse range of EOD PPE including:

  • Technical and Non-Technical Inspections,
  • Repair and replacement of defective or unsatisfactory items, and
  • Sourcing new items compatible with existing systems.

EPE maintenance and support services offer an integrated portfolio of ECM services, designed to mitigate the threat posed by IED’s and those who attempt to use them. Services include:

  • Technical Inspections and calibration of FP ECM main units and ancillaries,
  • Vehicle mounted and man-portable equipment repairs,
  • Vehicle installation solutions, and
  • Waveform design and troubleshooting.

EPE offer maintenance support to a broad range of EOD support systems, including:

  • Biological Detection equipment,
  • Disruptors,
  • Non Magnetic Tool Kits,
  • Protection and Tactical Systems,
  • Armoured Vehicles and Crew Survivability Systems,
  • CBRE Support Equipment, and
  • X ray Systems.

EPE has been providing Systems Integration support for many years and has a proven path to achieving success. EPE has integrated complex Rf systems; and mechanical and cooling systems into a range of military and civilian platforms. This equipment will be optimised to operate in harmony with the vehicle power capacity and communications equipment to ensure uncompromising equipment function. Integration services include:

  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR),
  • Interface protocol solutions,
  • Integration of legacy systems to modern devices, and
  • Video/Voice/Data systems integration.

The EPE maintenance team has designed and continues to deliver maintenance packages to technical staff within the ADF. The training has seen an incremental rise in equipment availability and user knowledge. Maintenance training includes:

  • Talon ROV maintenance training,
  • Dragon Runner ROV maintenance training, and
  • Maintenance training is deliverd by Cert IV qualified staff in training and assesment.