DetectaChem SEEKER Pro

The New Standard in Handheld Trace Threat, Explosives, White Powder, Drug & Narcotic Detection

The DetectaChem SEEKER Pro is the next evolution in field-ready handheld threat detection technology form industry-leader DetectaChem.

Successor to the widely adopted and trusted SEEKERe, the SEEKER Pro has been designed and engineered in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense to the top of its class in accurate, user-friendly explosive, HME, drug, narcotic and precursor threat detection.

With innovative new Spectrum Matrix Analysis technology, faster results, more complex analysis, SEEKER Pro is the go-to modern solution for hazardous material technicians, law enforcement and other first responders.

Easy, Accurate Detection

Vast Library of Explosive and Drug Tests
The SEEKER PRO utilizes disposable test cards to detect trace, residue and bulk amounts of explosives or drugs.

Screen for every major group of explosive, as well as all the common narcotics, synthetics and plant materials.

Advanced LCD Touch Screen Display
All-new on the SEEKER PRO, increased efficiency and navigation with smart, touch screen capability.

Easily tap through testing options, result interpretation and data management with this next generation detector.

Ruggedized, MIL-STD 810G Protection
Like its predecessor, the SEEKER PRO is built to conquer any and all environments.

From frigid winters to the most scorching of heats, this is one device that can take a beating.


  • Enhanced automated colorimetrics.
  • Trace, residue and bulk sampling of drugs, narcotics, explosives and precursors.
  • Single test detects multiple threats at once.
  • Ultra-simple operation with no downtime or calibration.
  • Ruggedized for the most extreme situations.
  • Robust and customizable report creation.