ELITE Explosives Detection Kit

ELITE Explosives Detection Kit is simple, reliable, robust and unique in the detection and identification of commercial, military and home-made explosives (HME).  The ELITE Explosives Detection Kit is designed to be used in a variety of conditions and by users of different skill and knowledge levels.  Currently the ELITE is used by forensic specialists in post-blast investigations, law enforcement and military groups in attack-the-network (ATK) operations, and by security guards screening personnel, passengers, and vehicles for evidence of explosives.  The ELITE Detection Kits are available in a variety of field kits complete with ancillary devices, field guides and heating methods.  ELITE Detection Kits are available as follows:

Model EL100-BX – a box of ten EL100 detection cards. Each disposable card can detect dozens of nitrogen-based explosives as well as bromate mixtures. It can also identify chlorate and perchlorate mixtures and HME precursors. The EL100 is currently in use with US and other NATO forces as well as police and security agencies around the world. It is known for its ease of use, long shelf life in all operating and storage conditions, robustness, sensitivity and very low false positive rate.

Model EL230-BX – a box of ten EL230 detection/ identifications pens for the peroxide-based explosives (HME) such as TATP, HMTD and MEKP. The EL230 also identifies and differentiates the peroxide-based HMEs from chlorate-based HMEs.  The EL230 is the only disposable kit that can detect and identify solids as well as liquids (MEKP and hydrogen peroxide solutions). The pen-like design provides protection against static and friction-sensitive HME. The EL230 also has a very long shelf life, is robust and has a very low false positive rate.