RadHalo RDP & FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors

The Thermo Scientific RadHalo RDP & FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors detect and identify gamma and neutron radiation as well as provide accurate dose rate measurement capability. With multiple configurations available RadHalo can adapt to any situation and budget from special event monitoring to rapid response for a nuclear power accident. The RadHalo powerful processor runs simultaneous high accuracy dose rate and identification algorithms for high confidence measurements, whether monitoring radiation levels in a normal or emergency situation or whether using RadHalo to adjudicate a radiological alarm at a sporting event.

Main Features:

  • Fixed (FM Model; Environmental Enclosure) and Portable (RDP Model; Drop Probe) Options: suitable for fixed boundary or portable/mobile applications
  • Immediate Isotopic Identification: powerful identification algorithm with detection hardware provides fast and accurate gamma ID and analysis
  • Wide Dose Rate Monitoring Range: dual-range Geiger Mueller (GM) detection system provides monitoring capability from low-level environmental (uR/hr) to high-level accident ranges (1000 R/hr)
  • Versatile Communication Pathways: standard GSM, 2.4 GHz, Wifi; and LAN options, secure transmission, 1024 bit encryption available
  • Rugged and Autonomous Design: designed to operate across all environmental temperature and weather conditions; 60 hr battery life in portable option allows for true “Drop and Go” functionality
  • E-Plan/Map-based Monitoring Software: flexible software monitoring solutions available; easy to use user-interface provides live time, and/or historic viewing capability; server and web based applications available