EPE Level One Exploitation kit

The EPE Level One Exploitation kit is designed to provide a Weapons Intelligence Team with the equipment and consumables to be able to investigate a range of IED related incidents including explosions, recovered IEDs and finds of bomb making equipment. The kit includes a range of forensics consumables such as gloves, sampling tools and tamper evident packaging. A camera, GPS, metal detector and range finder also allows the team to record accurate information and images from an investigation scene.

This kit contains:

Backpack and pouch | Camera | SD Memory Card 64GB | Rangefinder |
GPS | Scale | Light Source | Metal Detector |
Camera Clamp | Tripod | Glass Evidence Collection Jars |
Plastic Scene Numbering Kit | Nitrile Gloves | Plastic Evidence Bags multi-sizes |
Uni-Swab Kit | Mini Photo Documentation Kit | Photo Identity Card |
Plastic Tweezer | Explosives Test Kit