ABL4000 Recoilless Lightweight Disruptor

The ABL4000 Recoilless Lightweight Disruptor is a “Very High Power” Waterjet Disruptor suitable for render safe procedures on packages that are larger and better protected than those that can be tackled using ABP’s range of “High Power” Disruptors. It has been subject to a series of formal tests against representative targets, sensitive explosives and pressure measuring systems ensuring reliable and consistent disruptive performance with complete recoilless operation ensuring minimum collateral damage and maximum operator safety.

The ABL4000 Recoilless Lightweight Disruptor is made of titanium to provide a lightweight Disruptor that is particularly suited to manual carrying or for use on ROVs where payload weight is of particular importance. The ABL4000 Recoilless is a multi-shot device capable of many firings and requires minimum maintenance. Training may be carried out using the equipment without detriment to its service performance.