CT-Earpieces Personalised Hearing Protection

The CT-Earpieces Personalised Hearing Protection has been specifically designed to protect first responders hearing during operations. During the use of send/receive systems, protecting the wearer’s hearing is just as important as the quality of voice transmission, and with in-ear communications systems, wearer comfort is a critical factor. For decades, CeoTronics has enjoyed an enviable reputation in the three key areas (transmission quality, hearing protection and wearer comfort) and offers certified, soft ear adapters not just for its own send / receive systems, but also for those from other suppliers.

All individual ear adapters from CeoTronics are manufactured from soft, medical grade silicone with a shore hardness of 40. The silicone offers superior durability, excellent wearer comfort and user-friendly cleaning options. Unlike ear adapters made from hard plastic materials, it also prevents uncomfortable hardening of auditory canal cartilage.

CeoTronics ear adapters are coated with an ultra-fine, high quality surface sealant, offering users protection against mould in the auditory canal to a level unmatched by other coatings.