Wire Remote Assessment Toolkit (WRAT)

The Wire Remote Assessment Toolkit (WRAT) is ideal for carrying out diagnostics of wires where the use of standard probes is impossible or difficult due to access or confined space. WRAT is simple and easy to use, is modular enabling a reduced storage size and provides maximum flexibility to secure and diagnose a wire.

Wire Remote Insulation Piercing Tool – WRIPT

The WRIPT deploys the insulation piercing probe, WIPP, to the wire to be diagnosed. The length of the tool can be extended with additional rods to approximately 1m. When the WIPP is on the wire to be diagnosed it is deployed by fully depressing the lever.

Wire Insulation Piercing Probe – WIPP

WIPP is a single use insulation piercing probe that is deployed onto a wire by the WRIPT. It locks itself onto the wire, detatching from the WRIPT, making a connection with its piercing needles and trailing wire allowing it to be diagnosed with instruments.

Wire Remote Grab & Cut Tool – WRGCT

The WRGCT can also be extended with rods to approximately 1m and is supplied with a grabber and cutter attachment. These enable wires to be steadied when deploying a WIPP or to cut a wire in the same confined spaces where snips won’t reach.