Rothenbuhler 1678 Remote Firing Device

The Rothenbuhler 1678 Remote Firing Device (RFD) is an intelligent and discrete 2-way controlled initiation system used on land as a primary firing mechanism to detonate explosive charges.

The Remotes respond only to commands transmitted from a similar digitally encoded (addressed) Mini Controller.

The RFD’s unique and field proven design will only allow a system with the correct “address” to interrogate and actuate the Remotes.

The latest microprocessor and message encoding/validation technology (CRC-32) has been combined to provide a SAFE, RELIABLE, ACCURATE and COMPACT tool.

5-Position Charger

Provides discharge/battery conditioning and will charge a unit in about 2 hours.

It has advanced features that maximize the health and performance of the 1678’s battery packs.

1678 Test Box

Allows the user to test and display system information, as well as perform diagnostic checks through a programming interface between a computer and the RFD units.

It can also be used to reprogram certain settings and parameters.



  • 8-Position Controller fires up to 8 Remotes
  • Mini Controller fires up to 4 Remotes
  • Rechargeable batteries are user replaceable
  • Light display toggles between bright & dim
  • Up to 12 Miles L.O.S. 2-way communication
  • Increased firing capacity
  • 5 position charger and conditioner
  • New and improved Test Box features
  • Faster communication