Ground Bomb Killer GBK

The Ground Bomb Killer GBK, developed and patented by SEMA, is an innovative and effective way of countering suspect devices. The GBK neutralises outward blast and reduces danger zones.  The GBK is placed over the suspect device leaving the top open for further investigation and allowing for X-ray to be captured through the GBK. The GBK can be supplied in a number of sizes.

GBK is the first response against Improvised Explosive Device.  Easy and fast installation in case of unattended item in a crowded area to secure people and scene. The target of the GBK is to canalise the blast wave upwards and to reduce the lateral fragmentation. For a doubt release, with the GBK over the unattended item, EOD operators will be able to use a portable X-ray or explosive dogs.


  • Neutralises outward blast
  • Reduces danger zones
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Allows access for technician either manually or by Remote Positioning Vehicle (RPV)