EOD Bomb Suit Dryer

The EOD Bomb Suit Dryer is designed to keep EOD operator garments clean and dry and ready to be used.  EOD Bomb Suit Dryers can also be used by Rescue and HAZMAT personnel for storing and maintaining their gear. The EOD Bomb Suit dryer is specifically designed to hang and dry suits.  Direct drying is the application (or directing of) warmed and/or ambient air to the farthest and hardest to-reach part of the garment to dry. As opposed to alternative drying solutions which depend on a global approach such as rotary style dryers, direct drying uses a localised regime of drying points. This is especially useful when applied to the drying of items such as boots, gloves, helmets, face pieces, and purpose built protective gear.

An EOD suit is safer when dry. It has been determined at the US Armyʼs Edgewood Arsenal that the penetration resistance of Kevlar is degraded when wet.

As moisture levels within the EOD suit increase, the balance of heat and humidity at skin level is disrupted. At low levels of moisture the skin cools and begins to feel “clammy”. Higher levels feel wet. Both cases create discomfort.  The dryer also helps eliminate odour and fungal/bacterial contamination.

Water retained by the suit, either from sweat or precipitation, can increase the overall weight of the suit by a significant percentage. An increase in weight will accelerate the rate of  fatigue experienced by the wearer.

Good care and maintenance of EOD Bomb Suit and HAZMAT suits will enable it to be maintained in good condition for the Life of Type of the suit.

Energy management system allows operation using either warmed air or ambient air temperature.