XP-870™ Large Pneumatic Battlefield Effects Blast Simulator

XP-870 Large Pneumatic Battlefield Effects Blast Simulator is a pneumatic shockwave IED simulator without any attached gas bottles, hoses, wires or control modules. The XP-870 produces a tuned shockwave and loud blast effect using compressed air or CO2 at 100–150 PSI. Unlike traditional pneumatic or CO2 powered IED simulators which rely on bursting discs or containers, the XP-870 produces a tuned shockwave effect with no fragmentation hazard. Rapid repeat firings are possible with no need to “reload”, simply refill and re-fire in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, the PULSE™ shockwave effect creates a unique tactile impulse to create additional levels of training. The XP-870 can be concealed almost anywhere: under a workbench in an HME lab, and even submerged.

Not only is the XP-870 able to be operated in the rain, but it is fully submersible. It can consistently propel water up to 50ft in height when submerged at 2ft.

Additionally, every Battlefield Effects simulator has an option for New Equipment Training (NET) to enable the user to maximize training effectiveness.


  • 8.5″ Diameter
  • 12.75″ Length
  • 116dB
  • Pneumatic (Compressed air or CO2)
  • Uses standard Schrader valve attachment
  • Non-Pyrotechnic
  • No burst discs
  • Standard 9-24V DC trigger signal operation
  • Uses X-CAP Transmitters
  • Uses X-MIT and X-LRT Transmitters