Gyro Stabilized Platform

The Gyro Stabilized Platform is optimised for use in extreme mobile environments such as vehicles, boats and aircraft. The high speed gyros effectively mitigate recoil while also providing precise aiming regardless of erratic movement from the mobile mount. *DDTC ITAR Controlled.


  • Universal mounting base
  • Man Portable
  • Universal Picatinny weapon mount
  • Recoil dampening system
  • Adjustable gyro base for balancing
  • Quick weapon detachment
  • Split Shot video transmission

Mounting Options:

  • Rotary Aircraft
  • Fixed Wing
  • Watercraft
  • Land Vehicles

Mounting Options:

  • Stand: 10.9 kg
  • Main Assembly: 24.5kg
  • Power Supply/Inverter: 4.5 kg
  • Total: 39.9 kg

Download Datasheet