About EPE Training
EPE has quickly gained a reputation as a provider of high quality, credible Counter IED (C-IED) training. Our team of subject matter experts have extensive knowledge of training techniques and a wide range of operational C-IED experience. We can provide standard training packages or customised training to meet the standards and needs of our customers.

Proven Operational Experience
Our instructors have extensive experience in a number of operational theatres around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Ireland. They have filled a wide range of posts including as IEDD team leaders, EOD command staff and weapons intelligence specialists. Several of the staff have very recent experience of operations in Afghanistan at various levels.

Credible and Experienced Instructors
Our instructors have wide experience of the methods used to train and prepare students for operational EOD and IEDD duties. They all have experience gained in recognised military EOD schools and through their involvement in several large contractor led training initiatives.

Training That Matches Your Needs
Our training team will partner with you to design and develop training solutions that exactly match your needs. We are experienced in designing complex training programs that challenge and test trainees in order to get the very best from them. Our existing courses range from basic EOD skills to the very top level of IEDD capability.

Examples of EPE Training

Weapons Intelligence Investigator: Trains individuals to operate as part of an operational Weapons Intelligence Team (WIT) able to investigate terrorist incidents to record and analyse tactical, technical and forensic evidence to provide a detailed and timely assessment of terrorist capability. This course can be tailored to include advanced options.

Assault Team IEDD Operator: Trains IEDD operators to work as part of a tactical unit such as a SWAT team to provide them with IEDD support during the initial assault and post any incident. This allows experienced IEDD operators to work in a dynamic tactical unit during hostage rescue and deliberate assault operations. Some elements of hand entry procedures, as applied during tactical situations, are also taught during this course.

Equipment Training: We can provide training on a wide range of equipment including remotely operated vehicles, portable X-ray systems and specialist EOD/IEDD weapons systems. Our aim is to allow customers to get the very best from the equipment they currently hold.

CBRN Training: Our team has wide experience in this area and can tailor imaginative and credible training scenarios that allow customers to fully test their capability. Our courses range from basic CBRN awareness training to advanced IEDD training with technically challenging scenarios.

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