1 Block Accessory Tool System (BATS)

The 1 Block Accessory Tool System (BATS) provides the robot user with the greatest ease, speed, and versatility of any gripper tool on the market.

The highest quality materials, vigorous testing, and patent-pending design make the BATS a first and final choice for UGV operators. Custom engineered blocks easily fit within or attach to the grippers. The BATS works with the EPE range of robotic platforms.

Product Features:

  • Contour designed to securely fit within the robot gripper
  • Heat-treated steel with extremely high tensile strength
  • Custom-engineered blocks with pressure/liquid relief outlet
  • Commercial off-the-shelf replacement parts
  • Includes Waterproof Storm Case

Block Accessory Tool System (BATS) – 1 Block includes:

  • Grip-held Universal tool Accessory System for Robots
  • 1 Contour-designed Block with ‘thumb screw’
  • 10 American Heat Treated Steel End-Effectors including: Ground Ripper, Hook, Hook Cutter, Flat Hook, Window Punch, Large Punch, Small Punch,
  • Includes Waterproof Pelican Case, Customs Foam and Replacement Blades/ Screws
  • Adaptable across multiple robot platforms