CarbonFire 10 Dismounted EOD OPS PAK II

The CarbonFire 10 Dismounted EOD OPS PAK II is one of the most advanced dismounted EOD OPS Systems available.  It is a complete system, developed through a coordinated program with top US bomb squads, to include everything needed to make the shot.

Each CarbonFire 10 Kit includes:

  • CarbonFire 10 Disrupter with MagFire Breech Assembly and Water Shot Extension Barrel
  • Factory Pre-Aligned Dual Green Laser Sighting System for Pinpoint Accuracy “out of the box”
  • Lightweight durable tripod
  • Retaining Parachute
  • SL-150 Laser Boresighter
  • Barrel Mount with Dual Green Laser Targeting System
  • Multiple mounting attachments for ANY scenario
  • AquaForce water shot system & sample EOD-XP Ammo
  • Initiator with 209 primers, shock tube cutter and other relevant accessories

The CarbonFire 10 is compatible with ANY Robot that can be fitted with a Picatinny Rail, including the following robots:

  • Dragon Runner 10
  • Dragon Runner 20
  • iRobot FirstLook
  • iRobot310 SUGV
  • Avatar II
  • ICOR

CarbonFire 10 Disruptors have been Proof Tested & approved for use by the U.S. Navy EODTECHDIV and have been in theatre since 2011.  CarbonFire Barrels have been Proof Tested to withstand all PAN Disrupter Ammunition and include a 10 Year Warranty.