First Responder Detection Kit

The First Responder Detection Kit is the one-stop go-to package detection solution for first responders.

When reacting to incidents involving potential hazardous materials, todays First Responders need to be able to make rapid informed decisions in order to apply the correct course of action. No single solution exists to warn of the presence of all the possible threats.

EPE has assembled a kit of the easiest to use, most reliable, fast and accurate detection solutions on the market today to provide first responders with a one-stop go-to package for all their immediate needs when faced with unknown powders, liquids or other substances.

First Responder Detetion Kit FRDK


LCD 3.3

Based on leading IMS technology, the LCD 3.3 is a light and versatile CWA and TIC detector. LCD 3.3 is an advanced warning device, that alarms to gas and vapour threats detected and identified at or below Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) levels, by determining the agent or type, class, concentration and dosage of chemical exposure.

Flexible mounting options allow the LCD 3.3 to be handheld or clipped to a belt, harness or shoulder strap, to enable the user to undertake their primary role without obstruction. Features include both audible and visual alarms plus a clear, easy-to-read liquid crystal display. The device is very simple to operate and requires no calibration or complicated routine maintenance.



The detection and analysis of hidden radioactive nuclides requires a radiation identification tool with high sensitivity and accuracy. Detect, localise and identify Gamma sources with the pager-sized Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ SPRD Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector.

The RadEye SPRD provides first responders and law enforcement teams like border guards or special forces with high performance detection and radionuclide analysis for any scenario.

RadEye B20

The Thermo Scientific RadEye™ B20 /B20-ER models are the next generation line of improved quick survey and precision scaler measurement meters. These modern and compact survey meters measure alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray surface contamination.

In addition these pocket-sized instruments can also be used for accurate doserate surveys, if used with optional energy compensated filters (17 keV – 3 MeV).

Narcotics & Explosives


This new generation Raman handheld analyser identifies illicit narcotics, controlled drugs, explosives materials, pharmaceutical ingredients and a wide range of unknown substances. HandyRam™ is the smallest such system on the market today boasting features that larger systems do not have, including Orbital Raster Scan (ORS™). HandyRam™ easily fits in a jeans pocket and can be used stand alone or with a PC for detailed spectral analysis and record management, as part of a quality assurance process.

Fen-Her Model DXC-001

Fen-Her™ Model DXC-001 gives law enforcement a new, much safer and much more accurate kit for the presumptive identification of fentanyl, fentanyl derivatives, and heroin.

Fen-Her™ Differentiates:
  • morphine
  • monoacetyl
  • morphine
  • heroin salts
  • heroin freebase
  • fentanyl freebase
  • carfentanil
  • acetyl fentanyl
  • fentanyl citrat
  • methoxyacetyl fentanyl
  • furanyl fentanyl
  • α-methylfentanyl
  • trans-3-methyl fentanyl
  • cis-3-methyl fentanyl
Tests of additional fentanyl derivatives are in progress…