Detego – Unified Digital Forensics Platform

Detego® is a unified digital forensics platform that’s  able to rapidly extract, exploit, and examine computer, mobile devices and removable media.

Acquire & Analyse All Digital Evidence

Acquire and analyse data from across a vast spectrum of digital devices all from one command centre.

Built with Automation at its Core

Streamline the investigative process by preconfiguring bespoke workflows and crime types so exhibits can be automatically analysed.

Ideal for Both & Lab Based Forensics

With its intuitive interface, Detego is easily operated by non-technical users and have been deployed in some of the world’s most hostile environments.

Detego Match on all metadata

Identify potentially critical evidence by running carefully chosen, pre-configured lists of keywords against an exhibit’s file names and content, even if the word or phrase is in an unallocated space or deleted file.

When using Detego® Field Triage, databases can be keyword searched in real-time for potentially suspicious activity.

The Text Indexer Engine indexes the location of words and phrases and creates a copy of the indexed data for future searches, so you can achieve near-instantaneous results when keyword matching.

The Detego Unified Digital Forensic Platform is made of  multiple Modules:

Detego Ballistic Imager

The Detego Ballistic Imager is the world’s fastest proven image/cloner imaging tool. It is the ideal tool for time-critical scenarios. The Ballistic Imager copies hard drives in minutes and allows non-technical users to be fully operational with a 30-minute training overhead.

With no need to remove the hard drive, the system allows the operator to recover deleted data and stops extractions before completion without the risk of losing any data acquired up to that point.

Detego Field Triage

Detego Field Triage is a portable digital forensic tool for field-based investigators to acquire and act on data captures from PCs, laptops and servers. Deployed on a removable storage device or external hard drive, Detego Field Triage places an incredibly powerful forensic exploitation tool into the hands of non-technical investigators.

The system provides alerts of suspicious items through a red, amber, and green status and is  capable of quickly acquiring usernames and passwords.

Detego Field Triage

Detego Media Acquisition

Detego Media Acquisition is a simple to use automated forensic imaging solution for acquiring and viewing data from removable media, computers or hard drives (HDD & SSDs) and mobile devices.

Easy-to-use intuitive interface allows investigators to acquire and analyse multiple devices in rapid time and view the data extracted in ‘real time’ so  on-the-spot decisions can be made.

Detego Lite

Detego Lite’s powerful, intuitive and forensically sound solution, rapidly extracts and analyses digital evidence whilst in the field.

  • Forensically exploit, extract, analyse and report against multiple media types (Phones, Tablets, SD and Micro SD Cards, Camera Cards, USBs, IDE, SATA Drives, CDs and more).
  • Run multiple extractions against multiple device types all at once – on scene or in the lab.
  • Simple two click process for forensic imaging as well as acquiring logical and deleted data.
  • Detego® Lite’s small form factor device supports rapid and easy field deployment.

Detego Analyse

Detego Analyse is the central hub that integrates all forensic acquisitions retrieved using the Detego® suite of tools, to provide in-depth analysis capability and extract maximum intelligence.

Detego Fusion

Detego® Fusion allows investigators to build up a detailed intelligence picture of their exhibits, suspects and cases based on an advanced link analysis infrastructure.

Expose valuable, previously unassociated, connections between people, places, devices and cases.

  • Connect the dots and spot ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ links across all of your digital exhibits.
  • Filter on thousands of pre-configured variables to rapidly identify and link suspects.
  • Easy to navigate interface with pre-configured variables including GPS coordinates, HASH matches and EXIF data.