Deployable Infrastructure

Deployable Infrastructure

Deployed agencies require supporting infrastructure that is robust, modular, scalable and simple to deploy while being efficient, selfsufficient and enabling maximum synergy for transport, maintenance and training.

Scenario Configuration

The nature of our operational infrastructure systems enables the configuration to meet any scenario requirements. Our deployable force infrastructure products are varied, flexible, scalable and modular. They are all easy to deploy with minimal manpower requirements and are currently deployed with Military, NGO and UN operations throughout the world.


The EPE training team provides specialist equipment training to optimise our customer’s capability and performance. Our trainers are primarily ex-military and tailor the training experience to meet the unique situations and factors seen in the deployed environment. The certified training package focuses on reducing equipment damage during use and aims to decrease both setup time and human resource requirements

Through Life Support (TLS)

EPE has a proven track record of supporting customers with maintenance and repair, providing the necessary confidence to end users that the equipment they rely upon in demanding operational environments is reliable and will perform as expected. EPE has provided real cost benefits to our customers, streamlining the TLS process and offering flexible solutions in situ through the deployment of Field Support Representatives






Integrated Base Camp

Deployable Infrastructure


Deployable Infrastructure


Deployable Infrastructure


Deployable Infrastructure

Logistic Support

Deployable Infrastructure

Dog Kennels

Deployable Infrastructure


Deployable Infrastructure

Integrated Field Hospistal

Deployable Infrastructure

Vehicle Maintenance

Deployable Infrastructure

Collective Protection – ColPro

Deployable Infrastructure

Airbeam Shelters

AirBeam shelters of all sizes offer the same level of interconnectivity, durability, and ease of deployment. In service with the US Army’s Premier Base Camp, Force Provider, and purchased by HQ 1 Div (part of the ADF). AirBeam shelters are designed to provide infinite flexibility for interconnecting among other shelters and vehicles. Door openings on our shelters can be connected to any other door opening, whether it be the end-door to end-door, side-door to side-door or end-door to side-door.

Base-X Shelters

Base-X folding frame shelters range in size from personal tents to Corps-level complexes. Base-X shelters support Base Camp, Command and Control (C2), Aircraft and Vehicle Maintenance, Medical, Chemical/ Biological and Decontamination, and Industrial applications. The ADF has purchased a large quantity of Base X.

ISO Containerised-Expandable & Non Expandable

Expandable Shelter Systems are custom made to customer’s specifications. All Expandable Shelter Systems can be transported by air, land or sea. Shelters are ISO 1496-1 compliant and CSC certified for 9-high stacking. In transport mode, the expandable sections are completely nested and stored within a main ISO container footprint. Standard industry forklift pockets ensure ease of movement. When deployed, the side walls expand from the main ISO shelter to create a significantly larger operating footprint.

Non-Expandable Integrated Shelter options that can be customized to meet customer specific requirements. These shelters are based on the standard ISO shipping container and are easily transportable by air, land and sea. Ideal for customers who require a solution that is rapidly deployable, provides modular space, is self-contained and ready to use.


Platforms provide highly mobile units which are mounted on an all tracks trailer which can be towed by tactical prime mover and transported by aircraft and by sea. The advantage of these durable units is the high flexibility, for example a complete catering complex can be obtained by positioning the field kitchen with refrigeration and bakery trailers to provide fast and efficient catering for 500 to 1000 people in the field.

Trailer System

Utility Support trailers are integrated support systems that provide mobility, power, and/ or environmental control to shelter systems.  Conforming to ‘safe to transport’ criteria established by the US Military Transport Management Command, the trailers are suitable for secondary and unimproved roads and sealift transportability. Many are also certified for transport aboard select military aircraft.







Light Weight


Easy Set Up


Through Life Support

Environmental Control

Deployed operations are required to function in extreme climatic conditions. EPE’s shelter solutions are designed for all weather conditions and can incorporate environmental control solutions for the provision of cooling and heating offered in a range of power options. EPE works with our customers to design and provide the most effective combination to meet the desired outcome.

Power Generation, Reticulation & Lighting

EPE will work with our customers to design and provide the best combination of power, portability and cost for their power generation requirements. Our Field Electrical Reticulation Kits are all AS/NZS 3000 certified for the safe distribution of power. The lighting system is a simple plug and play LED system offering an optimal combination of portability, performance and durability.

C2 AV Systems

Our deployable command and control AV systems allow for a self-contained centralised facility that provides shared information for greater situational awareness across all levels. These systems are currently in service with the Australian Defence Force and are designed to be rugged and reliable, utilising cutting edge technology. They are field tested in extreme weather conditions to ensure they are fully functional.

Water Treatment and Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Conducive to any operational infrastructure systems is the need to supply potable water from any available potential water source. EPE offers a range of leading-edge water supply and treatment capabilities. This also includes Reverse Osmosis systems if drawing water from a salty water source. Just like bacteria and viruses, salt and chemicals also do not pose a problem for our robust reverse osmosis systems. The easy to use systems are ideal to be prepared for every source of natural raw water. We can provide simple lightweight one-man fully integrated systems capable of producing 5000 liters per hour up to fully automated water bottling plants.